AGS Stainless announces new private label Stainless Steel Railing System for LBM distribution

AGS Stainless, Inc., an established provider of high-quality stainless steel railing systems, is proud to introduce its newest railing product line; a stainless steel railing system for Private Label distribution through the LBM channel.

This new product allows LBM distributors to further capitalize on the public’s growing demand for cable rail products; by providing them with an all-stainless railing system that they can customize with a variety of top rail materials and branded with the distributor’s trade name! This new railing system will allow LBM distributors to better support their dealers by giving them a product that their builders will see as an alternative to the high cost of local custom stainless railing fabrication. Aluminum-Titanium Material

AGS Stainless announces new private label Stainless Steel Railing System for LBM distribution

This 316 marine-grade, stainless steel railing system is built to the same very high standard of quality that AGS Stainless is known for; but it is priced to compete with railing systems made from less visually attractive materials than stainless steel.

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This Private Label railing system installs with minimal field modifications. It was designed to give builders and DIYers a stainless railing product at a price point that is similar to the pricing of an aluminum railing system. But, rather than wait weeks for local stainless fabrication, these railing system components are pulled from dealer inventory and can be installed the same day!

“The market for outdoor living products is resilient. Building material dealers are reporting strong year-over-year sales in railing products. When you factor in that homeowners are increasingly interested in higher-quality deck and stair railing products, this new Private Label system is the right product at the right time” said Kevin Harris, Director of Sales and Marketing for AGS Stainless.

Harris continues, “This new product allows LBM Distributors to market an exceptionally well-made stainless steel railing system while promoting their trade name and building their brand rather than promoting the product manufacturer.”

Some features of this new Private Label railing system:

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AGS Stainless announces new private label Stainless Steel Railing System for LBM distribution

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